The Readiness Challenge for Professional Associations

“Learning is not compulsory… neither is survival.”   W. Edwards Deming

We work with corporations and government departments around the world, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives by focusing their resources on the programs that will best get them there. It’s never easy, because it invariably means change. Professional Associations can find change especially challenging, with their structures, cultures and management systems biased towards stability rather than innovation. This can be a source of strength in a benign environment, but becomes a weakness in times of turbulence and change.

This is the theme of the TransparentChoice ‘Readiness Challenge’ which Catalyze is supporting. TransparentChoice has brought together a number of organizations with deep experience in the Professional Associations field, each bringing expertise in a particular area, including Governance and adapting to the Millenial generation.

As a contribution to the Readiness Challenge, in a webinar on Dec 3rd I will be introducing a case study of a professional association making great progress in involving their members in the annual planning and budgeting process. If you are interested get involved and register here.