Your Catalyze Software Support Licence

Check you have a valid support licence before you upgrade Equity3 and Hiview3.

Software Upgrades* are available to users with a current support licence. Your serial number manages your support licence and when you renew your licence we issue you with a new serial number.

Please note your current serial number will not activate upgrades unless you have a valid support licence. Do not attempt to upgrade Equity3 and Hiview3 if you do not have a valid support licence, the upgrade will not work.

You can find out if you have a valid support licence from the Hiview3 and Equty3 About Box. For example click on the “About Equity” option from the Equtiy3 “Help” menu.

Please contact us for more information.

* Software upgrades refer to major upgrades such as Equity 3.3 to Equity 3.4. Minor upgrades are available to all user; a users can upgrade from Equity to Equity without a support licence. These minor upgrades are reserved for minor software fixes.