Software FAQs


Q. What does purchasing software support entitle me to?

A. By purchasing support you will be entitled to all software updates and unlimited customer support via telephone and email for a 1 year period.

Q. Does data entered into the Trial Version carry over to the full version of Hiview3 and Equity3?

A. Yes, if you are currently using the trial or evaluation versions and switch to a full version all models and data are compatible with full version.

Q. Where do I enter the serial number?

A. The serial number can be entered by going to “Help” on the toolbar and then selecting ‘Change Serial Number’ from the drop-down menu.

Q. Is there a tutorial I can follow?

A. There is a Starter Guide for both Equity3 and Hiview3. The starter guides are installed with the software and available from the Catalyze folder on the Start menu.

Q. How can I find the Equity3 and Hiview3 Starter guides?

A. The starter guides can be found by clicking on the ‘Start’ menu on the Windows toolbar, and selecting Catalyze from the ‘All Programmes’ list.

Q. How can I find out if I have software support?

A. You can find out if you have support by going to “Help” in the Hiview3 or Equity3 toolbar and selecting “About Hiview”/”About Equity” menu item. This will then inform you of your licence type and how many days of support you have remaining.


Software Install/Setup

Q. What operating system is Hiview3 and Equity3 compatible with?

A. Hiview3 and Equity3 are compatible with all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Q. Will Hiview3 and Equity3 work on Mac?

A. No, Hivew3 and Equity3 are Microsoft Windows applications and are not compatible with Mac. They have been known to run on Mac using a Windows emulator such as Parallels.

Q. Can I use the software on more than one computer?

A. Each licence is sold for a single-user. It is acceptable for that user to install the software on more than one computer (e.g. one at work, one at home) for their own use.

Q. I have a new computer, how do I transfer the software and data from my existing computer?

A. Hiview3 and Equity3 data is stored in the individual models, which are stored in files on your computer. These models can be transferred to your new computer as with other data. As for the software you need to note your serial numbers, these are available from the software. Open the software and go to “Help” on your toolbar and selecting the “Change Serial Number” menu option and write down your serial number. Then you must uninstall the software on your old computer and install the software on your new computer either using the supplied media, or by downloading the latest version from our website. Once installed run the software and enter your serial number when prompted.


Hiview3 Questions

Q .In Hiview3 how can I change the order of the criteria in the value tree?

A. Select the criterion or node and move it by holding down the left mouse key and dragging it to the desired position.

Q. Is there a limit to how many criteria I can enter into Hiview3?

A. No, there is no limit but models can get unmanageable when you have 50+ criteria.

Q. I am using Hiview 2.0, can I still read my files?

A. Unfortunately Hiview2 files are not compatible with Hiview3.


Equity3 Questions

Q. In Equity is it possible to move one option from one tower to the other?

A. No in order to maintain the integrity of the model it is necessary to delete the option and add it to the new tower.

Q. Can I connect Equity3 to a database to read option data?

A. No you cannot connect Equity3 directly to a database. Equity3 models can be created from CSV files. A common text file format that most databases can create. The creation of CSV files compatible with Equity3 is for advanced users – please refer to the Help for more information.

Q. When I try and save in Equity3 to my desktop I get a message “The folder is marked as read only”.

A. You cannot save Equity3 files to your desktop. Please create a folder on your desktop or elsewhere and save your files there.