We offer several different licensing options for our products. Software prices are available on our price list

Standard licenses

Our standard licenses provide full access to all the functionality of our software.

Both Hiview3 and Equity3 standard licenses come with a 12 month support licence, providing you with technical support and access to all software updates in this period.

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Trial and evaluation licenses

Trial and 20-day evaluation licenses are available free of charge from our downloads page. The trial versions allow you to try Equity3 and Hiview3 with small models, while the 20-day evaluation licenses provide full functionality for a period of 20-days. When you download and install the software you are provided with a trial licence, and issued with an evaluation code via email. You can use this code to commence your 20-day evaluation period at your convenience. Familiarise yourself with the software using the trial version and then try-it out on more realistic problems.

The Equity3 trial allows you to create small models with no more than 4 criteria, 4 areas and 5 levels in each area, while the Hiview3 trial allows you to create small models with no more than 5 options and 5 criteria.

Education licences*

Student licenses
With many Universities from around the world teaching Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) using Hiview3 and/or Equity3, we have developed student licenses; heavily discounted and valid for 6 months from purchase. To qualify for a Student Licence, the user must be a student in full or part-time education and studying for a recognised qualification at a recognised institute.

Instructor licenses
To support courses at educational establishments that teach MCDA techniques, we have introduced an Instructor Licence, which enables a tutor to use Hiview3 and/or Equity3 with students in the classroom. Again, this single- user instructor licence is heavily discounted, but is valid indefinitely for a ‘one-off fee’. The Instructor Licence is not for commercial use.

Educational site licenses
In a drive to keep costs low and affordable for Education, Catalyze also offers Education Site Licences, designed to be available in an Educational establishment’s internal network; to be used for educational purposes by multiple users, both teaching professionals and students alike.

There are three options here; an annual licence (Edu Site A), which includes software support and maintenance updates; a ‘one-off fee’ licence (Edu Site B), which includes software support and maintenance updates for the first year only; and our Hiview3 & Equity3 offer (Edu Site C), which includes software support and maintenance updates for both products for the first year only.

*All student licenses exclude support. This can be purchased annually.

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