Helping you appraise and evaluate options to make better informed decisions

Hiview3 is a PC-based decision modelling tool that supports the appraisal and evaluation of options. It is equally effective for group decision making, such as decision conferences and for individual decisions. With a host of user-defined features, Hiview3 can be configured to address a variety of problem areas, supporting your specific business objectives. Hiview3 enables users to make effective decisions in areas such as Capital Projects, Policy Setting, Strategy Selection, Relocation Issues, Problem Solving and Budget Resourcing.

Manage conflicting objectives
Hiview3 allows the viewpoints of all stakeholders to be considered and modelled. The decision is broken down into simple manageable steps; the options and criteria are first identified, then these options are scored against the criteria and finally the relative importance of the different aspects of the model are set.
Include non-monetary and qualitative decision criteria
Non-monetary measures have an important impact on the decisions we make. Unlike traditional cost-benefit-analysis Hiview allows these criteria to be considered. Through the integration of MACBETH, criteria can be expressed as fully qualitative verbal judgements.
Build transparent models
Hiview3 models are intrinsically transparent; all judgements, preferences and rational are captured in the model.
Easy to use
Hiview3 has been designed with the user in mind – its clear screens make decision making simple.
Ideal for group workshop decision making
Hiview3 is ideally suited to group decision making, such as decision conferences. The flexible user interface has been designed to ensure it is suitable for projected displays. However, it is equally ideal for individuals making decisions.
In depth analysis
Sensitivity analysis can be used to determine if the model is robust, or sensitive to a particular score or preference. In Hiview3 sensitivity analysis is performed graphically making it easy to see how robust the model is and test different scenarios.
Hiview3 is a fully flexible decision modelling tool which can be used to help you appraise and evaluate options in any problem area. With an unlimited scope it is an ideal tool for all your decision making needs.
Based on world-leading academic research
Hiview3 makes use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and is based on applied research carried out at the London School of Economics (LSE).

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