Focus is a toolset to help organisations define, document, prioritise and deliver their portfolio of investments.

Successful organisations make strategic choices about which activities should be implemented to deliver their vision. These choices form the strategic portfolio. Decisions at this level can significantly impact the success of the organisation.
Focus GE Matrix
Focus helps organisations decide how to best use finite resources in order to meet strategic objectives, and to make trade-offs across the portfolio. Organisations across industries use Focus to build, analyse and manage their strategic portfolios.

Focus is designed to support the implementation of Strategic Portfolio Management, enabling organisations to deliver their vision, whilst balancing short and long term objectives, risks and costs.

Focus is used to capture and manage data about business opportunities, and provides powerful analysis and MI to give senior management an objective view of their portfolio.

Why Focus?

  • Focus uses best practice decision analysis techniques to ensure decisions are robust, transparent and defensible.
  • Focus is Microsoft Excel based, allowing for rapid deployment, flexibility and a quick learning-curve for users.
  • Focus can be used concurrently by a range of contributors across multiple businesses, divisions or departments within an organisation. Inputs are easily collated to provide an organisation-wide view.
  • Focus can be quickly configured to meet specific organisational requirements.

Focus Prioritisation Chart