Catalyze provides a range of business decision tools and decision modelling software.


Focus is a powerful toolset to help organisations define, document, prioritise and deliver their portfolio of investments. Focus helps organisations decide how to best use finite resources in order to meet strategic objectives, and to make trade-offs across the portfolio.

  • Focus uses best practice decision analysis techniques to ensure decisions are robust.
  • Microsoft Excel based, enabling rapid deployment, flexibility and a quick learning-curve.
  • Quickly configurable to meet your specific organisational requirements.
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MCDA Software

Catalyze provides two powerful decision modelling software tools which are equally suited to back-office or workshop environments.


For choosing and prioritising portfolios


For evaluating and appraising options

Equity Hiview
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System Integration & Customised Solutions

We help clients integrate our decision making tools with their existing systems. This can include linking to business systems, databases and Excel spreadsheets. We also work with our clients to help them integrate the tools into their decision-making processes.

These software tools are complemented by our software development services, ensuring you get the best from our software and your decision making processes. We apply our knowledge of decision science and business software design and development to build and configure tailor-made solutions.

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