Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management iconStrategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management enables senior management to create, define and manage the portfolio of strategic options that best delivers the organisation’s vision, balancing short and long term objectives, risks and costs.

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Our goal is to give senior management visibility and control of their business, enabling them to align and focus resources on ‘doing the right things’. We can provide and embed bespoke solutions, or simply advise on best practice.

Our approach is:

  • Results-oriented – starting from the purpose and strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Objective – underpinned by Decision Science, allowing ‘value’ to be assessed consistently across a diverse portfolio.
  • Focused – providing exactly the information needed to make strategic decisions.
  • Structured – process-oriented; transparent; auditable.
  • Collaborative – involving the right people at the right time, for better decisions, and to achieve alignment & commitment.
  • Pragmatic – incremental and complementary to existing client systems.

Applications include:

  • Management of Portfolios (MoP®)
  • Strategy Development & Deployment
  • Policy, Capability & Funding Reviews
  • Project Portfolio Prioritisation
  • Balance of Investment Analysis (BoI)
  • Structured Cost Reduction (Zero-Based Budgeting)