Strategic Decision Support

Strategic Decision Support iconStrategic Decision Support

We help organisations and groups of stakeholders make important strategic decisions.

Many decisions have clear strategic implications for the organisations and managers that have to take them. When the stakes are high and there are multiple stakeholders with overlapping or conflicting objectives, tensions and emotions can block progress. There may also be a concern that any decision taken will subsequently be challenged.

In these situations our robust, transparent, and academically sound decision making techniques give you confidence that the right decision has been reached, along with the evidence and arguments to support the decision and to withstand challenges.

  • We start by understanding the context of the decision to be taken
  • We help you create and define your options
  • We collect relevant information and data, and start to build a model
  • We engage the appropriate stakeholders, often in Decision Conferencing workshops
  • The model is developed and refined, until it supports a clear decision which the stakeholders can support

Applications include:

  • Comparative Assessments (e.g.┬áin Oil & Gas decommissioning)
  • Procurement
  • Options Appraisal (e.g. in the context of the Five Case Model or Better Business Cases)
  • Site Selection