Resources for Change & Catalyze partner for environment decisions

Resources for Change sees creative positive change as balancing environment, social, economic and organisational needs – to improve people’s wellbeing over the long-term. This will only be achieved with and through people, and for any positive change to last, people must be at the heart of the decision making and the environment at the heart of the decision. To these ends, Resources for Change provides services spanning Organisational Development, Engagement Design & Delivery, Evaluation & Learning and Facilitation.

Catalyze also sees people at the heart of decision-making, applying structured multi-criteria processes that can directly engage stakeholders with enough depth to bring their perspectives into consideration.

Together we offer the combination of both broad and deep stakeholder engagement for strategic decisions that have environmental implications. Through our work together at Shell we have a track record of successful co-operation.

For further information contact Pete Miles at Catalyze or Steve Evison at Resources for Change.