Energy and Environment

Catalyze helps clients to make confident, well informed and sustainable strategic decisions in situations involving uncertainty and risk. We provide consultancy, facilitated processes and tools to support comparative assessments and options appraisals, including structured stakeholder engagement where appropriate.

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Typical challenges we can help with are:

  • Comparative Assessments in oil & gas decommissioning
  • Site selection (for extraction or disposal)
  • Structured (‘deep-dive’) stakeholder engagements to understand external perspectives

Every situation is different. The decision process needs to be designed so it is clear where decision authority and responsibility lies; and where external stakeholders are involved their roles need to be agreed.

Our general approach is to engage stakeholders along with technical experts and decision-makers using multi-criteria modelling and structured workshops. This ensures that the alternative options and their potential consequences are understood as well as possible, enabling an informed decision with a supporting rationale.

This approach is particularly effective for contentious decisions affecting multiple stakeholders with potentially conflicting perspectives, and allows the client to do the best possible job of managing non-technical risk.

Comparative Assessments in Oil & Gas decommissioning

Oil & Gas UK has commissioned Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants together with Catalyze to develop industry guidelines for Comparative Assessments. These guidelines are now published on the Oil & Gas UK website. Catalyze and Genesis have also developed a worked example to accompany these guidelines, to obtain a free copy click here.