Aerospace, Defence & Security

Aerospace, Defence & Security

Defence has always been a significant part of our business at Catalyze. We have a long and positive track record with the UK MoD and a number of Prime Contractors, and in recent years our defence business has grown rapidly in New Zealand and Australia.

Image source FRPU (E) Royal Navy, CROWN COPYRIGHT, Open Government Licence

Our approach to Strategic Portfolio Management enables senior decision-makers to create, define and manage the portfolio of strategic options that best delivers their strategic objectives, balancing short and long term objectives, risks and costs.

With Strategic Decision Support we help to make clear and deliverable decisions in contested multi-stakeholder situations.

These approaches have been used successfully in many defence applications, including:

  • Balance of Investment (BoI)
  • Policy, Capability and Funding reviews
  • Balancing capability with affordability for a warship
  • Optimising an S&T programme (for example to maximise the value of PV spend)
  • Options selection in procurement (major bids), both on the buyer side and supplier side
  • Site selection
  • Defence capability planning
  • Embedding of value-based decision making