Equity3 version 3.4

The main new features of Equity3.4 are listed below. The latest version of Equity3.4 is available for download.


  • Risk-adjust your portfolio prioritisation, for example do you have a different level of confidence in your options? This new feature allows you to easily define a confidence to all the options in your portfolio. You can then compare and contrast how risk affects your prioritisation, which in turn will help ensure you build a robust and well balanced portfolio. The confidence is often referred to as the probability of success and is modelled by Equity as either a negative benefit penalty or a benefit scaling factor. Weights allow the amount of risk applied to be controlled in the individual Equity Areas and also across the entire Model.
  • Automatically adapt and assess your portfolio as new data and options arrive. The Equity portfolio is often used as a living strategy. This new feature allows you to easily review and revise your strategy when new data and options arrive for example as your business environment changes, forecasts become realities and new opportunities surface. When data in your model is changed, or as options are added or deleted, weights can be automatically adjusted to maintain your original weight judgements.
  • See how any selection of options performs against other portfolios, for example does your chosen selection deliver value-for-money? Unlike previous versions the proposed package can now be defined as any combination of Options.
  • Define Criterion as being derived from other Criteria, use the new formula Criterion Type to define a mathematical expression based on a combination of Cost and Benefit Criteria and commonly used mathematical operators.
  • Export the details of your order of priority in a simple accessible format, this includes a detailed input data costs and benefit breakdown and allows detailed external analysis and reporting.
  • Build large Equity Models with confidence. The efficiency of calculating the order of priority for large Equity models consisting of cumulative Areas has been improved. This is particularly relevant when building large merged models.
  • Build and weight Merged Models with ease. Merged Models allow multiple Equity models to be combined and assessed at a strategic level. New Merged Model features make this powerful utility easier to use. These include: a new merged model weight function allows weights to be defined against any combination of Levels in each of the Areas; the ability to refresh merged models from the original merged model files; and the ability to create a merged model by simply selecting a combination of merged model files.
  • New sample models and Starter Guide. The new version is shipped with a new starter guide, which introduces Equity basics and some of the new features, updated help system and new sample models.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 8 and still fully compatible with all flavours of Microsoft Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, Vista and 7.
  • Lots of new analytical and aesthetic improvements making Equity more robust and easier to use. For example: unlike previous versions the envelope graph has been updated to include all possible combinations of Options, tooltips and the benefit-to-cost ratio has been added to the order of priority to give you an instant feel for the value for money provided by the Options as you move up the efficiency frontier and Level buffering is now more robust.

Equity (19th Jan 2009)

Maintenance Release
Various improvements including robustness of models with options that have small or similar benefit-to-cost ratios.

Equity (4th Sept 2008)

Maintenance Release
Updated Equity3 help file and several enhancements.

Equity (11th Aug 2008)

Maintenance Release
Enhancements include:

  • Improved Equity3 performance with large models.
  • Export Order of Priority now includes the buffered in options and the proposed, better and cheaper packages.
  • See where the trade package sits on the envelope by setting the proposed package to be the current trade package (new toolbar button).
  • Track a frontier point during sensitivity analysis by setting the proposed package to be the current frontier package (new toolbar button).
  • Various other improvements to the Equity3 experience.

Equity (19th July 2008)

Internal Release

Equity (6th Mar 2008)

Maintenance Release
Enhancements include:

  • Improved robustness of the merged model weighting.
  • Merged models can now be exported and imported as CSV files.
  • Frontier point is now marked in the order of priority (also referred to as the order of buy) CSV export. This is denoted by an F.
  • Level Cost and Benefit ranges are reported on the Graph and Envelope graphs.
  • Support for negative and positive scores on the same criterion within an area has been improved.