Equity3 version 3.2

Version history for Equity3 version 3.2.

3.2.24 (17th May 2005)

  • Fixed crash when comment window is minimized
  • Size of comment window no longer restricted
  • File save/open now works across different computer regional settings
  • Fixed problem where permission to file denied for non-administrators
  • Windows no longer move down the screen as they are opened
  • Area values window no longer resizes width when scrolling through areas
  • Fixed problems associated with editing area values then and clicking on another window
  • Comment text no longer highlighted when comment window opened
  • Package levels automatically updated when weights are edited
  • Fixed crash produced by adding new level when scores window is open
  • More robust behaviour when B package not present
  • B package algorithm revised; model selected if P package cost more than all packages
  • All registry setting saved with locale information
  • Fixed problem with overflow crash on open if timeout settings are set to 9999 minutes
  • Envelope of proposed packages now encapsulates all packages

3.2 (2003)