Celebrating our 20th birthday

20 years ago Bob Kitchen was enjoying his role as Director of the Innovation practice of a large management consultancy. But he had a nagging question. His team were experts at helping organisations generate lots of interesting ideas, but how did they know they were choosing the right idea?

To try and answer his question, Bob approached the The London School of Economics and Political Science. There he discovered exciting emerging techniques and software tools to help organisations make complex multi-stakeholder decisions. Believing there was an opportunity to develop these techniques and tools to provide a step change in the way organisations make decisions, Catalyze was formed.

Since first helping the UK MoD to prioritise its Equipment Plan in 2001, we are privileged to have supported hundreds of organisations globally to put effective and informed decision making at the heart of what they do.

After a uniquely challenging year we are delighted to launch Catalyze 20, a year of initiatives and events to celebrate our first 20 years. We look forward to thanking the people and organisations that have contributed to our success and to shaping our organisation for the future – continuing to be a place our people love to work, valued by our clients, built for a bright future.