Hiview3 version 3.2

The main new features of Hiview3.2 are listed below. The latest version of Hiview3.2 is available for download. Features Share your models with your colleagues Use the new template functionality to control how other users can use your Hiview3 models. … Continue reading

Equity3 version 3.4

The main new features of Equity3.4 are listed below. The latest version of Equity3.4 is available for download. Features Risk-adjust your portfolio prioritisation, for example do you have a different level of confidence in your options? This new feature allows … Continue reading

Hiview3 version 3.1

Version history for Hiview 3.1 (3rd Apr 2007) Macbeth integration problem associated with certain option names fixed Resolved issue caused by multiple criteria being placed at same position in the value tree Improved automatic conversion of tree Nodes to … Continue reading

Equity3 version 3.3

Changes and new features Improved reporting, new features and improved layout in the Equity HTML reports. Build models with many Criteria and Options, various displays have been improved to allow many criteria and options to be modelled; these displays are … Continue reading

Hiview3 version 3.0

Version history for Hiview 3.0 (13th Apr 2006) Entered option values are stored in full and displayed to specified decimal places Fixed scales, both direct and inverse, now displayed correctly on ‘weighting windows’ Added support for typing with zoom … Continue reading

Equity3 version 3.2

Version history for Equity3 version 3.2. 3.2.24 (17th May 2005) Fixed crash when comment window is minimized Size of comment window no longer restricted File save/open now works across different computer regional settings Fixed problem where permission to file denied … Continue reading