Web-based collaborative decisions

Multi-criteria tools for evaluating options and priorities are typically designed to be operated by experts, and often used in face-to-face facilitated workshops. And while this is great for the people who can work that way, a lot of real-world situations are potentially excluded from good decision-making practice.

Last year we discovered TransparentChoice, a company with a new web-based decision toolset, which is easy to use and allows participants to work together online. We met, we swapped notes, and we decided to start working together. Twelve months later we have a great case study, and a range of applications from strategic program budgeting to choosing an IT system.

The toolset opens up new ways of working. Evaluators can contribute from wherever they are, using their own laptop, tablet or phone, and often in their own time; workshops can be run online; and stakeholder participation can be extended to much larger groups.

In future posts I’ll talk more about specific applications of this new approach. In the meantime if you would like to know more see this web page or drop me a line.