Complexity Management

Complexity Management iconComplexity Management

We help organisations to manage complex situations and challenges.

‘Complexity’ may represent the greatest current challenge to CEOs and leaders. In complex situations traditional tools and approaches may not work, as it becomes harder to separate cause from effect and to break down a big problem into separately manageable parts. And each stakeholder may see the situation in a different way, so even just agreeing what the problem is becomes a problem in itself.

Catalyze has tools and processes to manage this type of challenge, treating the diversity of the stakeholders as an asset and tapping into their collective wisdom.

  • We start by understanding the context of the situation.
  • We work with you to decide who the stakeholders are, and who needs to participate in the process for it to have the best chance of success.
  • We facilitate structured stakeholder workshops. The software tool enables the group to co-create an ‘influence map’ of the complex situation, by contributing their diverse perspectives.
  • A shared understanding is developed of the fundamental factors affecting the situation; the participants leave the workshop “on the same page”, with everyone agreeing what the problem looks like.
  • This map can then be used as the basis for developing a plan to make the necessary breakthroughs in key areas.
  • The process embeds commitment, giving high confidence that the plan will follow through into successful implementation.

Applications include:

  • Wicked Problems
  • Strategic Challenges