Royal New Zealand Navy plan for 75th anniversary celebrations

In 2016 the Royal New Zealand Navy will celebrate its 75th anniversary. As part of their anniversary planning the Royal New Zealand Navy chose Catalyze to assist them in selecting the best combination of events to celebrate the occasion. The MCDA and Decision Conferencing provided by Catalyze assisted the team to compare and evaluate disparate projects, and choose those that are most in line with what the Navy cares about. The decision making team included a real range of representation from young sailors to senior Naval Officers. The Project Neptune celebrations will help the RNZN to strengthen their relationships with the New Zealand public and other Navies, as well as acknowledging past and present Navy personnel.

“Having worked very successfully with Catalyze before, I engaged them to run a Decision Conference using MCDA to prioritise the events and activities proposed for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th Anniversary celebrations. The outcome was a robust business case and complete buy in to the agreed priorities from all stakeholders. This buy in has greatly enhanced the detailed event planning and execution process that my team are currently engaged in. Everyone we deal with knows that our priorities were arrived at objectively and that all perspectives were considered. Ali and Paul ran a thoroughly professional Decision Conference, ensuring that all participants (including many who had never done anything like this before) were heard and valued. I thoroughly recommend Catalyze to any organisation with a difficult set of strategic priorities that need to be objectively reconciled against business aims.”

Captain A.G.A. Watts, ONZM, RNZN
Director, Operation NEPTUNE

3 thoughts on “Royal New Zealand Navy plan for 75th anniversary celebrations

  1. My father Commander Richard Harding lives in Greytown and is approaching 94 years old. He was one of 3 New Zealanders serving on a Royal Navy destroyer in the North Sea in 1941 when they received a cable advising that the RNZN had been established. I hope to get him to the 75th anniversary celebrations.

  2. We were very pleased indeed that Commander Harding and his son John were in fact able to join us for the Naval Base Veteran’s Day – a connection made via the Catalyze web site following John’s comment above. I hope John and his father enjoyed the day, and I thank them for honouring us with their presence. It’s impossible to overstate how much is owed to Richard’s generation and our acknowledgement of his service at the Veteran’s Day was little enough in light of the service and sacrifice of him and his comrades.

  3. I’m delighted that Commander Harding and John got to participate in the Operation Neptune activities! I’m grateful for the extraordinary contribution to our safety and prosperity of past and present members of the Royal New Zealand Navy, and indeed the whole New Zealand Defence Force.
    It was a real pleasure to work with Captain Watts, and his colleagues in the Royal New Zealand Navy, on this project that celebrates the contribution of all Naval staff.

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