Hiview3 version 3.1

Version history for Hiview 3.1 (3rd Apr 2007)

  • Macbeth integration problem associated with certain option names fixed
  • Resolved issue caused by multiple criteria being placed at same position in the value tree
  • Improved automatic conversion of tree Nodes to Criteria
  • General improvements to Edit Criteria screen (15th Feb 2007)

  • Resolved ‘parameter incorrect’ behaviour exhibited in a small minority of cases
  • Option to use median calculations now attached to specific .HV3 files (in file properties)
  • Issue surrounding long ‘Short’ option names experienced whilst opening files fixed
  • Network version of Hiview3 now available (please contact us for more information) (31st Oct 2006)

  • Can now logically group options within the Edit Options dialog
  • Preferred graph type for criterion stored on per session basis
  • ‘Weighting windows’ now except weight values exceeding 999 (9th Aug 2006)

  • Monitors with low DPI settings now able to display entire splash screen (9th Jun 2006)

  • ‘Trial’ version models now supplied with software
  • Enhanced support for number formats using different locales
  • Can now copy all screens clipboard using new option in ‘Edit’ menu
  • Resolved ‘tree diagram’ alignment issue (25th May 2006)

  • ‘Trial’ version of Hiview3 with limited functionality introduced
  • ‘Node Details’ and ‘Criteria Scores’ now produced within reports
  • Display of names has been enhanced
  • ‘Most Important Criteria Swings’ and ‘Weight All Base Criteria’ windows improved
  • Nodes and Options now given unique names

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