Hiview3 version 3.0

Version history for Hiview 3.0 (13th Apr 2006)

  • Entered option values are stored in full and displayed to specified decimal places
  • Fixed scales, both direct and inverse, now displayed correctly on ‘weighting windows’
  • Added support for typing with zoom factors less than 100%
  • ‘Node Data’ window only opens on double left-click (no longer opens on double right)
  • Print and screen capture of overlapping dialogs significantly improved
  • ‘Empty’ reports containing no data cannot be created
  • Selecting ‘Cancel’ on the print dialog now stops the printing process
  • Ability to copy, print and save window screen images via right-click
  • Can now click on the titles in the two ‘weighting windows’ to display the descriptions
  • Multiple instances of the same ‘Criteria Description’ window cannot be opened
  • Application no longer asks to save changes to an unchanged model
  • ‘Short’ node names now fixed to maximum of 20 characters
  • An option to view a newly created report has been added
  • HTML reporting function improved
  • To reduce clutter, report images now reside in their own folder
  • Added ability to copy, save and print from the ‘piecewise value function’ window
  • Can now take snapshots of dialogs from option in ‘main’ menu
  • Now able to copy data from the ‘Sorts’ screen
  • ‘Weighting’ windows now have right-click context menus
  • Bars on ‘Sort’ and ‘Sensitivity Up’ screens now align with titles and scale with font size
  • ‘Criteria Scores’ dialog now remembers graph type preference for each criterion
  • Can now toggle between option names and values on ‘weighting windows’
  • Removed ability to reorder options as this did not work in previous versions
  • Option added to allow the estimation of missing criterion values from other scores
  • Values now save into the model when closing most input windows (6th Apr 2005)

  • Fixed international number formatting issues with computer locales
  • Problems previously associated with displaying decimal and thousand separators fixed
  • File list can now be empty
  • Support for Education and evaluation with MACBETH
  • Escape key can be used to close all windows (2003)


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