Equity3 version 3.3

Changes and new features

  • Improved reporting, new features and improved layout in the Equity HTML reports.
  • Build models with many Criteria and Options, various displays have been improved to allow many criteria and options to be modelled; these displays are now more robust and scalable.
  • CSV Import/Export improvements Model building via CSV Import and Export is now more robust, including the ability to improve multi-line names and descriptions, punctuation etc.
  • See input data in your Merged Models merged modelling has been updated to allow input data to be carried forward into the merged model. This is as useful reference, for example as you move up and down the efficiency frontier.
  • Exporting models for merge, merged models can now include Long names and more meaningful Option descriptions.
  • Merged modelling has been improved to ensure Areas are not penalised for having many projects in the base (weighted preference values are now normalised between 0 and 1000).
  • Network version now available.On request Catalyze can supply a version of Equity which can be installed on networked Microsoft Windows computers so multiple users on the same computer can use Equity.
  • 100s of aesthetic improvements making Equity more robust and easier to use, for example you can move up and down the frontier with envelope window open and active, using the left and right arrow keys.

Version History (15th Feb 2007)

  • Issue with boolean values being saved using different regional operating system settings
  • Resolution for using very small numbers while using different locales
  • Fixed overflow of cells within Excel csv export file
  • Network version of Equity3 now available (please contact us for more information) (19th Jun 2006) (25th May 2006) (12th May 2006) (28th Feb 2006)

  • Fixed issue associated with symbols being set to more than 3 characters
  • Improved scroll button behaviour on the Equity3 model structure
  • Fixed minor problems loading models saved with previous versions
  • User warned where computer using different regional settings to that of save model
  • Editing time formatting changed in file properties to avoid display anomalies
  • Many windows improved to allow long level and area names to be displayed
  • Rounding errors on the Area scores window fixed
  • Size of area Scores window restricted to always be bigger than the drop down menu
  • Improved merge model file import/export to remove linefeeds and carriage returns
  • Improved CSV file imports
  • Increased tolerance for sorting large areas with large/similar cost-benefit-ratios
  • Can no longer edit input data in merged models
  • Can display envelope with zero within-criteria-weights
  • Trade-off is now available when buffering is on
  • Hot keys Ctrl-A and Ctrl-L added to allow areas and levels to be edited
  • Added thermometer buttons to identity scales
  • Number formatting of order of priority log window updated to show 2 significant figures
  • Fixed bug associated with sorting large areas
  • Carriage returns in notes and description fields now respected in the reports
  • Fixed problems associated with deleting levels
  • Cost/benefit models no longer exported as symmetrical models
  • Fixed showing next frontier package associated with models with less than 4 areas
  • Identity scale input data now accurately represents preference values
  • Reports improved, including better table format and inclusion of some missing data
  • Order of priority resizing, scroll bar and missing data issues corrected
  • Users now warned that all criteria should be identity if an identity scale is used
  • Default fixed linear scale WCW set to 100
  • Title columns of ‘area scores’ frozen to allow scrolling models with many criteria
  • Scrollbars added to trade off details and trade off target windows
  • Envelope for models with mixed areas now drawn correctly
  • Tooltip actively updates as mouse scrolls over cells in data table on area scores window
  • Trial version with limited functionality now available
  • When Equity3 is updated the serial number doesn’t need to be re-entered
  • Export/importing inverse relative scales are now supported

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