Catalyze participates in Future Strategic Leaders’ Congress

The Institute for Regional Security established the Future Strategic Leaders Program to develop the professional skills of the next generation of Australia’s national security leaders. It hosts two Congresses annually, providing a challenging environment for approximately 80 of Australia’s brightest and best young minds to gain practical, professional experience and develop a network with the current and next generation of Australian strategic thinkers.

Paul Gordon of Catalyze was invited to set the scene for the Congress ‘The Nexus of Sovereignty and Security in an Age of Global Interdependency and the Border Continuum’, held in Kioloa, Australia on 20th – 22nd May. Paul introduced the delegates to ‘value based decision making’ as a framework for the weekend’s discussions, and was invited to participate in the rest of the Congress.

The aim of the Congress was to explore the importance of sovereignty to national security by exploring what constitutes Australian sovereignty, its relationship to the border, the need to leverage engagement to manage multiple security issues and the affect that this has on not just national security but also on trade, diplomacy and global reputation.

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