Blog: Help required for Best Practice Portfolio Management study

In maintaining our strong links with the London School of Economics, we often support an MSc student from the School of Management. This year, we are supporting a Decision Science student researching prioritisation techniques used in managing portfolios of projects/programmes.

There are numerous guidelines and qualifications in this area, including the Management of Portfolios (MoP) guidelines from AXELOS. It has been observed that there is little guidance within MoP on how to prioritise and select the right projects and programmes to include in the portfolio, and that there is a need to understand/establish best practice in this field.

We are looking for a few organisations that have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, MoP and other project and programme management techniques based on the guidelines in the Best Practice suite. The student is hoping to interview a few people who have experience of prioritisation within the MoP construct. The aim is to help understand what organisations are doing today, their thoughts on the guidelines and how well they work, and what difference could be made by applying different prioritisation techniques.

The level of participation may vary: anything from a short interview to actually trying out a few techniques to prioritise part of a portfolio. Participants would receive feedback from the student and/or Catalyze, outlining the observations. It is anticipated that interviews would take place in early July, with project completion and feedback by early September. Organisations involved in the study can remain anonymous in the report, if required.

If you think that you or someone else you know may be able to get involved in any way (and potentially benefit from the feedback), please get in touch.